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AmeriClean has been cleaning the homes and businesses
of Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral for over 26 years.
AmeriClean is Southwest Florida's quality cleaning company

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No amount of promises or guarantees can equal the experience of seeing first hand a job well done. Taking that into consideration, Mel Gibson, owner of AmeriClean decided, "Why not give customers a chance to see exactly how great of a job we do?" Since that decision AmeriClean has captured dozens of hours of footage showing the outcome of their floor cleaning, office cleaning, stripping and waxing and of course carpet cleaning projects. Some of the results are downright amazing! Check out AmeriClean's work at Cleaning

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Look around Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples for our carpet, floor and office cleaning trucks

You won't mistake our unique crew trucks when you see them as they travel to
homes and business all over Southwest Florida on their cleaning mission.

AmeriClean's Carpet and Office Cleaning Trucks in Southwest Florida

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Every cleaning job has its own unique characteristics. That is why AmeriClean supplies a custom quote for all cleaning jobs, whether it's a hard floor stripping and waxing, a carpet scrub and hot water extraction or for routine janitorial office or medical office cleaning. It's fair to the customer and the cleaning company as well. You will never see a blanket or per room advertisement. There is a difference between affordable cleaning and cheap cleaning. That difference is AmeriClean's affordable cleaning options leave customers satisfied.

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hard floor stripping and waxing

hard floor stripping and waxing fort myers

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Ameri-Clean has offered Ft. Myers, Cape Coral and Naples 25 years of reliable, professional cleaning service.

Ameri-Clean: Providing quality cleaning to all of Southwest Florida at an affordable price

Dear Mel & Michael:

Yesterday I had my two Living Room couches cleaned by your servicemen, Greg and Robert. Both Greg and Robert did an outstanding job. They took special care of the couches as I had requested and talk about a thorough job. The best ever!

Many companies within your industry come to homes to clean various items and within 15 minutes they are gone. I know that to be true from past experiences. To my surprise, Greg and Robert worked (3) hours non-stop cleaning my sofas. Obviously, I was impressed beyond words.

Please acknowledge both Greg and Robert for the professionals they are and, if possible, reward them in some manner. How lucky you are to have these dedicated young men giving 100% on the job. Please extend my personal thanks and appreciation to them as well. Whenever possible, I will most assuredly promote AmeriClean to friends and business associates.

Tina C
Naples, FL

Our Cleaning Services Explained

Whether in Fort Myers, Cape Coral or Naples we will clean your carpet

Home Carpet Scrub and Steam Cleaning
View the results of office and carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning has benefited greatly from technology. As with other industries advancements in equipment, chemistry, technique have made this a very specialized field.

In the 25 years we have been in business we have update our equipment and chemicals numerous times. AMERI-CLEAN uses state of the art hardware, top shelf cleaning agents, comprehensive spotting kits, and certified cleaning technicians to give you the most complete carpet cleaning services available.

Carpet manufactures as well doctors and health experts agree that residential carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year!

Clean my carpet

Southwest Florida's trusted hard wood floor cleaners

Commercial Stripping and Waxing Polishing
View the results of office and carpet cleaning

Vinyl, Vct, Ceramic, Stone, Marble, Quarry tile, Wood, Laminate, you name it we'll make it look new again. At AmeriClean we use SC Johnson’s professional products line exclusively. These are among the finest materials on the market today. We combine this with certified technicians using state of the art equipment to give you the standard of excellence in floor care. We service and maintain over 49-million square feet of flooring every month, and have done so for years.

Can't get your viynl floor clean any more? Here's why

Vinyl flooring requires a specific amount of maintenance and care including at least a bi-annual floor stripping and floor waxing combined with a regularly scheduled professional maintenance program. 

Clean my hard flooring

Dirty tile and grout? Call us out!

Tile and Grout cleaning Naples FL
View the results of office and carpet cleaning

Professional tile and grout cleaning companies in Fort Myers and Cape Coral that work with stone, tile and grout all understand the key to clean looking floors - getting grout lines between the tiles clean.

This is the truly grueling part of keeping your tile floors looking new. Cleaning grout is an arduous process. Whether your floors are ceramic, Mexican tile, porcelain, marble, granite, slate, travertine, or terrazzo, it's tough to maintain the beauty of your tile floors. Pourous grout traps dirt and other contaminants below the surface, making it near impossible to remove with regular mopping. Using the correct cleaners, sealers, equipment and know-how, a professional tile and grout cleaning company can have your tile and grout restored back to being as beautiful as the day your tile flooring was installed.

Clean my tile and grout

Leave your office cleaning to the pros

Janitorial Office Cleaning Service Fort Myers
View the results of office and carpet cleaning

On-going office janitorial services help provide a clean comfortable workplace for you and your personnel. Nothing turns staff or customers off more than an unsanitary restroom or a smelly waste can. Professional office janitorial care can be provided at any level of expertise you desire. AMERI-CLEAN, a Fort Myers based carpet cleaning, floor care and janitorial company, is what’s known as a class “A” building service contractor. We are always striving to find new ways to excel, not just ride on the coat tails of our reputation. We offer a variety of janitorial office cleaning services.

Need to be clean? Call and ask for Mel Gibson!!

Ft. Myers, Cape Coral: 239-936-3334    Naples: 239-596-9696

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"But It Doesn't Even Look Like My Carpet Is Dirty. Is It?" More Than You Could Imagine

It is said that a carpet can hold up to 10 pounds of dirt in one square yard before it even LOOKS dirty! What that translates into is the average home can have over 1500, yes 1500, pounds of dirt in the carpet before it even looks soiled.

Is It Really Worth Paying A Little Extra For Carpet Cleaning?

There are many deals in the carpet cleaning or office cleaning industry.
The problem is, many of these deals that seem too good to be true are in
fact that: too good to be true. Paying
half price for nothing is expensive!

Don't Just Give Up On Your Dirty Tile And Grout, Call Us Out!

Don't let years of built up grime and mildew convince you that there isn't a way to have beautiful new looking tile and grout! AmeriClean's tile and grout cleaning experts can have your dated tile and grout looking tile looking pristine.

When Do You Need to Have Your Floor Stripped And Waxed?

Most flooring that needs to be stripped will be obvious. It will be either yellowing, dull, uncleanable etc. Stripping is done by a series of difficult steps. The products involved are very powerful and potentially dangerous. Leave it to the pros.